5 reasons the future of golf is in good hands (10/17/17)

This post was originally published on October 17, 2017

There’s a lot of people who believe that golf is kind of on a downturn. They believe that the future might not be very bright. I believe that these people are wrong and that the future of golf is in very good hands. Here are 10 reasons that I think this:

1. Young Fire Power

There are 8 players under the age of 30 in the top 10 of the Official World Golf Ranking. Out of those eight, five of them are major winners. With guys like Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, and Rickie Fowler, who are highly liked guys, people are going to continue to watch the game.

2. New Ways To Play

With the growth of TopGolf, anyone from an expert to a beginner can enjoy the experience. TopGolf offers a way for groups of people to enjoy a golf in a new and innovative way. TopGolf is a billion dollar company and is still growing.

3. Youth Participation

With new programs such as The First Tee and Drive, Chip, and Putt, there are more opportunities than ever for kids to take up the game. The game is becoming more diverse and diversity means more opportunities for new players who have never had the chance to play.

4. Millennial Participation

Now I know some people say that the millennials are killing golf, but from my personal perspective I don’t necessarily see it that way.  Golf is one of the first things college kids try to pick up to stay in sports once their athletic careers come to an end in other sports and to compete with friends. Who doesn’t like to go out and toy with their friends on the golf course and just enjoy yourself. Golf is one of the best ways for these teens and early 20 year olds to just enjoy themselves and get away from the stress in their lives… even though we all know golf is pretty good at causing stress too.

5. A Sort of Revolution in Etiquette

Thanks to guys like Barstool Sports the golf scene is changing. You’re starting to see a rowdier crowd as seen at the Presidents Cup.  I didn’t see a problem with what these guys were doing. This was a group of fans and players who love their country and wanted to win. I’m, for the most part, all for it. Some things can be a little too much sometimes, such as the running into others with golf carts (even though it is funny), but other than that I think It’ll help golf continue to thrive. There are obviously people out there who disagree and that’s okay. In my opinion though I love bringing this new feel to the course as long as it’s somewhat tamed.

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