Will EA bring back a new golf game in 2018?

With Christmas nearing I was sitting around thinking about all the great golf games I’d always want for Christmas. From playing on my Playstation 2 or Playstation 3. The Tiger Woods video games are up there with the NCAA Football games (which is another game that needs to be brought back) as the top sports video games for me. The only reason I still keep my old PS3 is to play those two games. If a new TW game came out in 2018 I would spend all of my free time playing it. I mean who wouldn’t honestly?

So is there a chance that EA magically comes out with a game in 2018? In my opinion probably not. I feel like we would’ve already heard about it, or maybe I’ve just missed the news about it. If EA does release a game though, my guess would be that it isn’t released until the second half of the year. Looking back at old release dates EA has never been too consistent with when its golf games come out. Usually they’ve ranged from around March to August.

Let me know your thoughts on this. Do you think there will be a game released? If so, would you purchase it?

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